Some things are just too important to die.

Through high school Burnell and John played in bands together and apart. Somewhere around 2002 they lost touch, until a chance meeting in the lobby of a Smashing Pumpkins concert reconnected the two friends.

DYNORIDE was formed.

Collectively, DYNORIDE has fathered 9 children. By all measures, the trio should have given up their rock dreams long ago, but, just like real dinosaurs, the fossils and fragments of old ghosts keep the mystery and adventure alive.

Due to their wild performances, DYNORIDE has been described as “mesmerizing, energetic rock” as their songs feature hard rock riffs with an energy likened to punk rock, all wrapped within a pop sensibility.

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“This is the type of indie rock band that is worth searching for, not one you might be force fed to become a fan. The way some of the lead vocals are pushed back into the mix and all you hear is reverb, or how they willy-nilly go back and forth from metal to stoner to punk to punk pop, those are things that not everyone is going to find pleasing. The energy reminds me a bit of the acid-tinged sounds that the Flaming Lips were known for back when they were misunderstood alterna- darlings, and while I can’t tell you what this would sound like while on acid, it’s your own trip and Dynoride sound like a trip you wouldn’t want to calm down from.”

John Book, This is Book’s Music

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